We provide very high quality uniquely designed bespoke wedding albums. Both digital storybooks and traditional wedding albums are available. There is a huge range to choose from in terms of covers, sizes, styles and layouts.

Digital Storybook Albums

Digital storybook albums are printed wedding albums in which the pictures are directly printed on thick photographic pages and finished with a lamination to give the feel of a coffee table book. There is greater flexibility in terms of designing because on each page one can choose the background colour, number of pictures , their placement and size. You can also have written content printed within the pages. 

Traditional Albums

Traditional wedding albums are classic wedding albums where printed pictures are slid into pre cut apertures of different shapes and sizes.

Album Covers

There is a very wide variety of album covers available for customising your album. The most popular among them are the canvas, acrylic and leather covers. These can be further customised by colour selection, embossing your names or having a picture printed on the cover.

Album Sizes

The most popular sizes for wedding albums are 40cm X 30cm(landscape or portrait orientation) and 35cm x 35cm(square orientation). There are many other smaller and bigger sizes available including sizes that have panoramic orientation. 

Let us know which style you prefer accordingly we can give you further details on the full range of sizes and covers available for each style. 

Album Add-Ons


Mini Replica Books

Mini replica books are great for portability and distributing to friends and family as a souvenir. They are available to order with all digital storybooks in different types of leather covers and colours. 

Album Cases

All wedding albums, both traditional and digital storybooks are delivered to you in a box, however album cases are available if you are looking for extra protection. These are available in different colours. Canvas and Acrylic cover cases have an option to get a full size picture of yourself on the cover of the case as well.